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NI Guitar Rig Software user! Now you can get thousands of Guitar Rig 5/4 Presets from one place, instead of searching for them one by one all over the web. Save loads of time. Just download one or more of our presets collections and install them quickly and easily.

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Extended performance of NI guitar amp modeling software


NI Guitar Rig Amp Modeling Software


Guitar Rig software program from Native Instruments is much more versatile than competitive offerings. All the components, racks and effects are well visualized, easy to manipulate and intuitive to use.

GR5/4 include hundreds of very cool emulations of rack style amps, mikes, cabinets and effects, which can be combined and adjusted to give limitless different effects. The sound quality of the emulations is outstanding.

Since its release in 2004, Guitar Rig has become the world’s most popular full-feature modelling software for guitar and bass players; you can even use it for other instruments and voice.


GR software works immediately with your low-latency sound card. To increase performance and usability, NI offer hardware interfaces also, ready to use with Guitar Rig Software.

Incidentally, one of the best hardware add-ons is Rig Kontrol Pedal. It has a built in sound card, programmable knobs for adjusting effects and an on-board pedal.

Unforunatelly, this kind of pieces to be discontinued. NI does not offer sound cards designed especially for GR nowadays. But no worry, you can use your own as well.

Guitar Rig 4 | Guitar Rig 5 Presets

Sound Quality

The sound quality achieved by the software emulation is uncannily like a real stage guitar rig. You can modulate guitar tones in numerous ways; simulate real, existing and vintage amplifiers, cabinets and mikes; apply all the usual effects; and generate special sounds. The GR learning curve is very short; after that, the only limitation is your imagination.

Shareble Presets Files

All the downloaded preset files are shareable: this is very difficult with traditional hardware guitar rigs. With GR5, you can share ready-made preset tones with anybody, anywhere, on the fly, significantly increasing the versatility and value of the GR5/GR4.


Collecting Presets

I’ve been an NI GR user since the 3rd release (2007); over the years, I have assembled a vast number of my own GR preset files on my PC.

One day, I undertook a massive tidy of my preset collection database; it was getting just too time-consuming to find the right sound for my guitar riffs.

Database Correction

When I looked, I was startled to find there were around 5,000 GR preset files in my folders. I went through all of them (yes, all of them), named them sensibly and converted the file formats to ksd (GR4 format) and ngrr (GR5 format). I dumped any poor quality sounds.

What’s left are over 4000 great-sounding preset files sorted into 20 or so genre folders. A satisfying result :)

PS. Today, there are added Guitar Rig 5 .ngrr preset files as a main collection and less amount GR4 .ksd files preserved for Guitar Rig 4 users.

Idea! Share my presets collection with other players

As you can imagine, it was a lot of work to edit and organize the preset tones one by one. Very tedious and exasperating as well. Rather than keep the collections to myself, I decided to share my collections online, to be downloaded by other guitar fans. The next task– put the collections online.

Done. Now any guitarist can download get a huge number of Guitar Rig 5 or Guitar Rig 4 presets from one location, instead of searching for them individually on the net. All presets are organized in folders by sound style or music genre, to make finding the nice sound straightforward. There is also a large collection of “signature” sounds, so you too can sound like Brian May or Jimi Hendrix (well, more or less). My collections will save any GR user a lot of search time and effort.

No matter your guitar playing skills, this collection will improve the way you sound. Thousands of satisfied members have joined and downloaded. You can try a sample collection free of charge and see whether you like them it too. I know you will.

Keep Rocking :)
Vax Highy

"I'm better for it and I prefer to keep things simple and see what sounds I can get out of my head and hands rather than relying on a sound that someone else created." - Andy Summers

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