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Jun 9 '13

Black Sabbath N.I.B. – Signature Style Guitar Rig Presets

I have composed a short recording session in my home studio. It was inspired by Tommy Iommy from Black Sabbath and from their legendary song N.I.B.

  • I first recorded a bass guitar, connected through Hartke Bass Attack (pretty usable widget).
  • The drum track is played on Alesis Sample Pad, via Toontrack EZ Drummer "Drumkit From Hell." It`s a nice sounding virtual drum kit, I think.
  • For a guitar sound, I had chosen the Zakk Wylde style guitar rig preset tone from our Signature package.
  • In addition: a slight synth sound for an intro, shaker and jew`s harp and some foolish voices.

...and the recording was done.

download-preset - Zakk-countdowns-begun

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