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Mar 18 '16

The Delay Pedal

As rock guitarists, we are always on the lookout for awesome new distortion and overdrive pedals to compliment and enhance our overall tone and playing. However, besides overdrive, distortion, maybe a wah wah pedal and a booster, what other pedals should we include in our line of pedals when it comes to both live playing as well as performing?

Although I could list a lot of pedals that I personally feel every rock player should have, I will boil it down to just one. Assuming that you already have a great distortion/ overdrive pedal, a wah wah and a booster, the one other pedal I suggest that you acquire is a delay pedal.


I have always felt that delay adds somewhat of a “magical” effect to your tone. I personally love the sound of a subtle delay on lead and even rhythm guitars. It makes the sound more lively and less dry. I realize that some people like the dryness. However, I truly feel that a delay “opens up” the specter of sound to your tone.

It is like an afterthought from your previously played note/notes. One of my favorite songs that uses the delay in such a way is “Red House” by Jimi Hendrix. Eddie Van Halen has in my opinion also been a player who has used the delay in a very creative fashion.

boss-dd-7-delay-guitar-pedal The great thing about a delay pedal is the fact that you can control the depth, tome and rate. If you want a long and dreamy sweeping delay this is possible. Or, if you simply want a quick back-slap to add some cool effects to you playing, then that is also possible.

If you are a ”look up to the sky” guitar solo type of player in the vain of Richie Sambora, Joe Satriani or Steve Vai, then you definitely should get yourself a nice delay pedal. Boss effects make some great delay pedals as does TC Electronics. Get a delay pedal. You will not regret it.

TC Electronic Flashback Delay - Price tag - around $110

Boss DD-7 Delay - Price tag - around $130

Jacques Darville is a professional musician and full time guitar teacher and performer.

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