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NI Guitar Rig Software user! Now you can get thousands of Guitar Rig 5/4 Presets from one place, instead of searching for them one by one all over the web. Save loads of time. Just download one or more of our presets collections and install them quickly and easily.

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Guitar Rig Presets Collection

Imagine how it would feel, if you had thousands of GR 5/ GR 4 sounds for all your different playing styles?

So it would be possible to find the right sound for each guitar riff.
Well, it’s now possible to get a complete set of GR5/GR4 preset files from one place.

Our site offers over 4,000 different sounds for GR 5 and GR 4 users.

Our presets collection extends the stock GR 5/GR 4 sound banks. The collection is organized by style or music genre and sorted into separate folders, so that you can find what you want quickly and easily.

No matter the level of your playing skills, this collection offers the chance to get the sounds you really want; and to stumble ones you never thought of. Thousands of users have auditioned and used our presets; they love the sounds.


Organized by Style

The 20 Guitar Rig Preset collections are organized by music genre or sound/artiste style. The larger packs include sub-folders to simplify browsing and searching among the files. The number of presets in each category is shown below:

  • Acoustic (150)
  • Alternative (255)
  • Amps & Guitars (165)
  • Bass (170)
  • Black Metal (70)
  • Blues Rock (125)
  • Classic Rock (225)
  • Clean (305)
  • Country Rock (70)
  • Crunchy (130)
  • FX Style (435)
  • Garage (55)
  • Grunge (100)
  • Hard Rock (90)
  • Heavy Metal (190)
  • Rockabilly (40)
  • Signature (1040)
  • Lead (295)
  • Wah-Wah (60)
  • Ukulele (30)

Sound Examples

There are loads of preset sound examples. They can be auditioned before downloading. Click Start on the embedded audio players to hear.

The sound examples were recorded through an NI Rig Kontrol 3 sound card.

The recordings were not enhanced, just played DI via the Guitar Rig software interface and sound card chain.

Gear used for recording:

  • Guitar Rig 5 & Rig Kontrol 3
  • Sonar X3 Producer DAW
  • “Ibanez JEM 555” electric guitar
  • “Ibanez Euphoria 9” acoustic guitar
  • “VGS Poison” bass guitar
  • Kala KA-TE ukulele

Presets Download Simplified

The beauty of the collections is that you can quickly download a massive number of Guitar Rig 4 Presets or Guitar Rig 5 Presets from one convenient location, rather than searching the whole web for them one at a time. Fantastic time-saving!

The full Premier collection comprises 4000+ GR 5/GR 4 presets, contained in 20 download packages. If you wish, you can get just preset single packs, containing style/genre presets from the full collection.

In this way, you can choose just a few bundles for download; or get all the guitar rig presets as a complete collection. Simple!

Easy to Get Playing

After downloading, just drag or import your presets to the GR Sidekick interface. Then you’re ready to rock!
There are 2 different preset file formats: Guitar Rig 5 (.ngrr); and Guitar Rig 4 (.ksd).

Note: if you have GR 5, the program will also convert GR 4 presets automagically.

All preset files are structured as collections and folders (tags) to make them easy to understand.
Very easy to search and use.


Free Download Available

Many GR effects are available to download with free access.. To get access to download 250 preset sounds, just sign up as a member.

We hope you will eventually become a Premium Member and try the full collection! Take a while to check out these presets. You will certainly find some sounds that you can use.

Sign up free to get entry level access to the Members Room. There you will be able to download a number of guitar rig presets immediately. And, it`s possible to get much more…


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