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Nov 9 '15

Fender Acoustic SFX and Acoustic Pro Amplifiers

There were not long ago something fresh an eye-catching from acoustic guitar amplifier selection. Lately Fender has been released new series of acoustic guitar amplifiers. Fender Acoustic SFX and - Acoustic Pro blow out with an exceptional outfit. Fender designers created a fresh shape for the acoustic guitar amplifier that seems pretty elegant.

Fender new amps sound properties and built-in functionality feels pretty good. While the sound is a personal taste. The amps seems to tend more to professional quality. This fact appear in price tag as well.


Main Specification

  • digital
  • 2 channel
  • 160/200w
  • headphone jack
  • EQ controls
  • phase switch
  • built-in effect(s)

Probably, Fender Acoustic Series Amplifiers seems to be worth to explore them closely. You can check out more from Fender official website.

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