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Aug 4 '13

Guitar Rig 5 Ukulele Presets – Coming Soon

Recently, I became interested about playing a ukulele. That was a good reason to visit the local music shops and choose out one. I found that Kala Tenor ukulele was fitted for me. For an affordable price, I got a well made ukulele with built in pickup and tuner. Incredible that both work better I expected from this price range.

By learning ukulele you see that the chords are quite different compared to guitar. But don`t worry, if you have played guitar before, it`s easy enough to learn to play a ukulele.

After a few days practicing you can remember the key chords and have a fun with playing this sweet instrument. Also it`s fun to play the solos with uku. I think this is really nice alternation to playing the guitar. After playing the uku a guitar seems to be like a big gun in your hand :)


Ukulele sounds well even naturally. Besides, if you use Guitar Rig software, this is a good idea to try to play the ukulele with it. Now it enables to vary the sounds a lot.

Playing the ukulele inspired me to compose special guitar rig presets sound package for ukulele. I hope you can download these soon from our website.

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