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Apr 17 '13

Guitar Rig Bass Presets

Short guitar rig bass presets demo. Played with my VGS Poison learning bass, a good instrument by itself :)

Our guitar rig presets collection includes around 160 presets created specially for bass guitar. I think it offers pretty good solution to get wide selection of bass sounds. Bass presets can get separately with essential presets set for an advisable fee.

By far better assortment related to my Hartke Bass Attack VXL pedal preamp. I am not very happy with it, because got not enough value for the investment. Paid price was around $100.

Another hardware bass unit I have in use, is the Behringer BXR 1800H bass head amplifier. I`d like how it sounds, especially if play guitar rig bass presets sound through it.

Today I`m training my bass guitar through Marshall AS100D acoustic guitar amplifier, with low volume. Yes, I know that it can hurt to this great acoustic guitar amp and looking for fitting bass amplifier for practicing at home. Orange Crush 50w bass combo seems a pretty good choice. Or is there something better in the same price range?

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