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Oct 22 '12

How to eliminate sound quality issues by using Guitar Rig software

Some folks have found that the Guitar Rig amp modeling software excretes crappy sound quality, compared to usual guitar gear. I am not completely agree with this opinion.

Guitar Rig software makes it possible to create the wide range of various guitar sounds. The software is a good alternative to usual gear. It `s decent choice for home usage, for practice and even usable on stage. Furthermore, the software enables significant property: quickly, to share setups.

If you are using guitar rig software on PC, sometimes it may occur sound clicks or drop outs during playback or recording your guitar. This can be a bit frustrating if the software don`t rune like necessary.

But this isn't hard to resolve. There are just a few basic things to know about the system setup to provide acceptable sound quality. Below are basic recommendations how to provide better performance to handle sound processing.

Essential computer settings to boost performance

Three must do things
  • turn off windows update
  • turn off network connection
  • setup computer power options to high performance level

Check out sound card Asio driver and I/O volume level

  • Check out that, does to your sound card interface has installed latest Asio driver. It should be provided by sound card manufacturer and downloadable from their website.
  • One more required action is ASIO configuration setup for sound card audio processing. There are 3 variables to change: audio sample rate, process buffer size and ASIO latency. Some sound card software interface has a testing module for choosing suitable setting. Read more about "Adjusting PCI latency settings".
  • Presumably, your sound card has a peak meter or a clip indicator. Tune the input as well output signals to the normal level.

Normalize Guitar Rig software interface volume levels

A tune your Guitar Rig interface always such as any volume meter don`t extend until the red field, with playing the loudest required sound level. I think that this is a critical for getting solid sound quality to avoid overdrive the signal inside Guitar Rig software program.


Besides, that is a good idea to re-save the guitar rig presets, you will use sequentially, to the balanced preset volume level. It would be more handy to recall them afterwards.

Software tools to test computer sound proccessing issues

In case the actions above does not enough to provide sufficient outcome, you probably need to check out additional computer settings.

There are available some useful tools that can help to do this by finding PC sound performance problems. The two recommended are: DPC Latency Checker and LatencyMon. Both are free, easy to get into use and gives recommendations for possible solutions.

Be shure that your guitar hardware setup is correct

The last thing... Yeah, it seems to be meaningless. But however that`s a good idea to check out a condition of guitar electronics and cable. Is the output signal noiseless enough? It can make a big difference using a quality guitar cable.

Guitar electronics grounding and shielding is a far different topic and this play a big role in sounding result. Dealing with these things are simply explained in the videos below.

Hope you found piece of advice here. If you desire to get more in-depth knowledge for tuning computer audio processing, visit the Native Instruments Knowledge Base.

Have you additional advices or experiences to share with other people? Please do not hesitate to comment.

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