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Jan 22 '16

The Overdrive Pedal

Most aspiring rock guitar players would agree that that having a great distortion pedal is a requirement when it comes to defining and creating your tone. While it is true that a distortion pedal is and asset indeed, there is one other pedal that I feel that every rock guitar player should have. That pedal is an overdrive pedal.

While both the distortion pedal and the overdrive pedal are used to create some gain to your amp/guitar and tone, an overdrive pedal is a bit more subtle and can allow for a bit more control. I have tried some crazy distortion pedal which were quire simply, too aggressive and difficult to control. Even if you are a metal player, some distortion pedals may be too much...

Some decent overdrive pedals

Ibanez TS-9


Although you do want gain, sometimes the best sounding gain is a combination of the actual amp, your guitar, and a great overdrive pedal. One pedal that comes to mind which has never failed me is the Ibanez TS-9 Tube-Screamer.

This is great for straight up rock and roll, and if used correctly, it is very usable to add some nice tone to your metal playing as well.

Price tag - around $100

Xotic BB Preamp


Another overdrive pedal which is very similar to the TS-9, is the BB Preamp by Xotic effects.

With this pedal, you can hit those sweet Stevie-Ray Vaughan tones if you are into the blues. Yet, it also serves as an excellent addition to your rock set up as well.

Price tag - around $170

It is a good thing to have a distortion pedal. But all your rock bases will be covered if you have a great overdrive pedal in your setup as well.
Jacques Darville is a professional musician and full time guitar teacher and performer.

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