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Jan 4 '17

Shape of a Guitar Pick Matters

Probably, most guitar players use a guitar picks made from some plastic. Also they know their preferred thickness of the pick, favorite color and a brand name as well. But a plectrum not just a piece of plastic, there are different shapes available.

So, one more critical attribute is a shape of the guitar pick. It really makes a big difference by playing convenience and technique, you know.


Ok, as I remember I have always used Dunlop made guitar picks, these are quite far-spread in music stores. My first choice was a pick with a regular shape, like on the picture above. It`s a proper rounded piece of plastic to play acoustic or electric guitar. But is it really the best one?


After some experience with playing a guitar I considered that there must be a more convenient shape for a plectrum. And I founded similar to regular but with sharp tip pick - "Dunlop Ultex". This one was more accurate for me by playing single strings or solos. Especially handy for acoustic guitar. So far, so good.


Yes, but by playing solos on electric guitar I tend to skew the pick across the strings. This technique allow to play rather seamlessly. I figured out that the plectrum with a straight sides enable make it easier. "Dunlop Tortex" sharp pick offers the ultimate solution. It feels like you have more space between the strings.

Today I`m using "Dunlop Ultex" with sharp tip for playing acoustic and also rhytm on electric guitar. "Dunlop Tortex" sharp pick is perfect for playing lead or single strings on electric.


So, that`s my short story what regards to the guitar picks. The conclusion: shape of a guitar pick matters. The right pick helps to create a better music. That`s it.

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