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Apr 21 '13

10 000 Members On Guitar Rig Presets Online

We all are glad to see how people find our website and become members here. Since November 2011, we have now 10 000 joined members altogether. We have a pleasure to share valuable stuff with you continually.

Good luck to our 10 000 member. You have free access to the our guitar rig presets full collection.

Hearty thanks to all members to joining with our membership!

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Nov 29 '12

How To Conquer The World?

I`m not a big disco music fan, but if there are a good melody and nice idea for video, it`s enjoyable enough. So, there is one song from Estonian artist N-Euro. Estonia is a little Europe country, where I`m coming from :) His name is Marek Sadam, and he was made a disco band, was locally popular in many years ago. Okay...

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“You don’t find a style, … a style finds you.” - Keith Richards

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