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Jan 7 '16

What Amp Is Best For Playing Rock?

Most aspiring rock guitar players spend a great amount of time trying to find the perfect guitar. Once that has been found, the search goes on trying to find the pedals that will help shape their tone that they want to hear or aspire to sound like. However, there is one more very important element that [...]

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Nov 9 '15

Fender Acoustic SFX and Acoustic Pro Amplifiers

There were not long ago something fresh an eye-catching from acoustic guitar amplifier selection. Lately Fender has been released new series of acoustic guitar amplifiers. Fender Acoustic SFX and - Acoustic Pro blow out with an exceptional outfit. Fender designers created a fresh shape for the acoustic guitar amplifier that seems pretty elegant.

Fender new amps sound properties and built-in functionality feels pretty good. While the sound is a personal taste. The amps seems to tend more to professional quality. This fact appear in price tag as well.


Main Specification

  • digital
  • 2 channel
  • 160/200w
  • headphone jack
  • EQ controls
  • phase switch
  • built-in effect(s)

Probably, Fender Acoustic Series Amplifiers seems to be worth to explore them closely. You can check out more from Fender official website.

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