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Jun 14 '15

Guitar Rig Presets Import

There is common question from our website visitors and/or members: "How to import guitar rig presets to the Guitar Rig software program interface?" Below is a step by step screencast video, to explain, how to import guitar rig presets. Recommended to watch in full screen mode to get a clear understanding about the step.

Before you start import external presets be sure you have a full version of Guitar Rig software program in service. Guitar Rig free - trial version does not allow to import presets not much. It`s a most high incidence failure within adding the presets to the Guitar Rig software sound-bank.

If you have a full version of GR software it must always permit to import presets. Just follow to the simple steps, revealed in screencast above.

- Hope it helps someone -

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May 3 '14

Guitar Rig Heavy Metal Presets – Part 2

Guitar rig presets collection on our website includes hundreds of Heavy Metal style guitar tones. Here is one more example and download available.

download metal preset - Alexi-Laiho-2

PS. Don`t hesitate to join and get access to download more guitar rig presets.

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Apr 21 '13

10 000 Members On Guitar Rig Presets Online

We all are glad to see how people find our website and become members here. Since November 2011, we have now 10 000 joined members altogether. We have a pleasure to share valuable stuff with you continually.

Good luck to our 10 000 member. You have free access to the our guitar rig presets full collection.

Hearty thanks to all members to joining with our membership!

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Oct 22 '12

How to eliminate sound quality issues by using Guitar Rig software

If you are using guitar rig software on PC, sometimes it may occur sound clicks or drop outs during playback or recording your guitar. This can be a bit frustrating if the software don`t rune like necessary.

But this isn't hard to resolve. There are just a few basic things to know about the system setup to provide acceptable sound quality. Below are basic recommendations how to provide better performance to handle sound processing.

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