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Apr 19 '15

EZdrummer 2 – Creative Drum Software

EZ Drummer first release became quite popular among music people. And it was so good as it was. But EZdrummer 2 really blows it away. This is a far higher grade widget!

It has many new features and opportunities to make it one of the favorite software program for songwriters and musicians. The software interface made very easy to use, however a number of functionalities embedded to the rather small program window.

With EZdrummer 2 you can

  • build drum tracks by the fly on built in song track
  • record your midi drum playing to the same track
  • use "tap 2 find" search function - cool feature
  • change the drum kit sound fast - with 1 click
  • customize many things by drum elements
  • export complete drum track to your DAW
  • create music significantly easier

After downloading Toontrack allows software full functionality for 10 days. That gives you enough time to make clear this software goodness before you decide to buy it. EZdrummer 2 liked me after first trying, you bet. It enables far more than older version.

I find just a few missing things which can make this drum software a little better for me: Rotating knobs can be centered with double click. Small choice of percussion instruments, but they offer separate expansion kit as well.

The bottom line: EZdrummer 2 is probably greatest drummer software available today. Do not hesitate download and try it out. Click here to check and download

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Dec 29 '13

Behringer Firepower FCA1616 & SPL Goldmike 9844

Behringer Firepower FCA1616 and SPL Goldmike 9844, both are new gear in my rack space. I decided to create a short review about these. Hope someone found it helpful.

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Sep 5 '13

Zoom A3 Acoustic Effect Pedal

Lately, Zoom has released a new version of acoustic guitar pedal Zoom A3. This piece of hardware looks more reliable than previous version - Zoom A2 acoustic effect pedal. New Zoom A3 compact pedal contains a notable amount of opportunities to tweak a guitar sound.

This widget seems to include all sound which Fisman offers with different pedals. And on a pretty decorous manner. Available sound examples feel quite nice. Moreover, the design looks good and sturdy.

Zoom A3 special features...

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Jun 9 '13

Black Sabbath N.I.B. – Signature Style Guitar Rig Presets

I have composed a short recording session in my home studio. It was inspired by Tommy Iommy from Black Sabbath and from their legendary song N.I.B.

download-preset - Zakk-countdowns-begun

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Jan 20 '13

David MeShow – The Great Composer and Musician and …

It`s awesome how good David makes the recordings in the home studio. He has absolutely a highest grade in the field of making music.

If you have not been familiar with his doings, then just watch the latest videos below and follow to the David`s You Tube channel. The thrill is guaranteed :)

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