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Jan 7 '16

What Amp Is Best For Playing Rock?

Most aspiring rock guitar players spend a great amount of time trying to find the perfect guitar. Once that has been found, the search goes on trying to find the pedals that will help shape their tone that they want to hear or aspire to sound like. However, there is one more very important element that [...]

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Dec 15 '14

Silver Guitar Picks

Have you ever worried about the gift you desire to make to your friend? Probably yes. We can speculate that your friend love to play a guitar, or love a guitar player. There is a point where you can get helped from the web store. They offer a really nice assortment of silver and gold [...]

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Dec 29 '13

Behringer Firepower FCA1616 & SPL Goldmike 9844

Behringer Firepower FCA1616 and SPL Goldmike 9844, both are new gear in my rack space. I decided to create a short review about these. Hope someone found it helpful.

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Jan 5 '13

Funny Homemade Guitar Effects

There are so many DIY enthusiasts, who makes experimental guitar effect boxes and pedals. It`s certainly fun hobby to create guitar effects yourself.

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Oct 22 '12

How to eliminate sound quality issues by using Guitar Rig software

If you are using guitar rig software on PC, sometimes it may occur sound clicks or drop outs during playback or recording your guitar. This can be a bit frustrating if the software don`t rune like necessary.

But this isn't hard to resolve. There are just a few basic things to know about the system setup to provide acceptable sound quality. Below are basic recommendations how to provide better performance to handle sound processing.

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