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Feb 26 '16

The Wah Wah Pedal

As a guitar teacher, one of the questions I get quite frequently from aspiring rock guitar students is which kind of pedals they should include on their pedal board. Of course, this can be a very individual thing indeed.

However, I feel that there are a few pedals that you should have at your disposal. Perhaps not on your pedal board at all times, but at least as an option. Of of those pedals is a wah wah pedal.

If you are into classic rock, or even metal, the wah wah is pretty much a “must-have” pedal. Jimi Hendrix, Slash, Joe Bonamassa, Zack Wylde and Eric Clapton are just a few greats who have used the wah to create some of the greatest riffs and solos of all time.

xotic-xw-1-wah-wah-guitar-pedal Imagine how weird “Voodoo Child” would sound without that iconic sound of the wah. Or what would Metallica’s Black album sound like without Kirk Hammets incorporation and usage of the wah in so many of the solos, including the iconic “Enter Sandman.”

The wah wah pedal is a unique pedal indeed. Some feel that it should be used sparingly though. The before mentioned, Joe Bonamassa has once said that he thought a wah should cost $500 dollars because it is overused by some players.

I would not go that far though. Of course you should not use it in every song. But it is indeed a pedal that can create some awesome sounding effects both rhythmically, but also in terms of soloing.

Xotic Effects Wah XW-1 Pedal will give your playing and sound “an edge” that can really turn some heads in your direction in a good way.
Price tag - around $230

Jacques Darville is a professional musician and full time guitar teacher and performer.

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